What You Need To Know About Abseiling

Abseiling originates from the German word ‘abseilen’ which means “to rope down”. It is used in a variety of different ways some of which include climbing, caving and a range of other activities. Here at A2 Abseiling we abseil for commercial purposes and industrial sites but we thought we would share a basis of what abseiling entails.

What is Abseiling?

Abseiling requires the use of a specialist rope as a person or rope access technician descends down terrain or high rise buildings which would usually be near impossible. This is all done with professional rope access equipment, and training so it allows for an individual to descend from height in a cool, calm and collective manner. It is extremely effective and efficient in a number of ways.

When and Where is Abseiling Used?

Abseiling is used all over the world. For many people it is a fun outdoors activity which is gives an exhilarating thrill. Furthermore abseiling can be done in an array of different locations – generally speaking its associated with descending down a large rock or mountain. Although this is just one of its many applications and can also be used off a bridge, helicopter and many construction and industrial uses. Here at A2 Abseiling  we pride ourselves with our advanced and highly skilled rope access technicians.

How does Abseiling Work?

It is very important for abseiling to be done in a safe and controlled environment. The use of specialist rope access equipment is a must – you can find what some of our friends over at the Absafe shop have on offer. Otherwise without this equipment, the safety of climbers can be put at risk whether they are recreational or full blown professionals. Essentially it is the goal of the individual to double check and ensure they are wearing the correct equipment.

This all starts with harness that allows them to connect to a friction device that ultimately lets them descend in a controlled manner. On top of this they will also need a helmet in case of anything that may fall from above a mountain or high rise building and the correct rope used to descend is an absolute essential. Usually rope is secured around two unmovable objects also known as an anchor.

Depending on the type of anchor used, if it’s inadequate you can expect a horrific fall. Prior to setting up to descend, it is extremely important to become aware of your surroundings that is below and above ground. It’s vital to ensure it looks safe and clear before abseiling down. Once the rope is secure, you can begin abseiling in a slow and controlled manner – with the help of your instructor of course if you are a newbie. Descending should be done as smooth as possible and avoid big and sudden movements as they detrimental consequences. The best thing about abseiling is that you are in full control of how fast a pace you travel down. Generally speaking for beginners slow and steady wins the race. Going slow tends to be the safer option as the faster you go, the faster friction can cause the rope to melt.

Learning to Abseil

In order to learn to abseil in a safe manner, its is best you have a fully qualified instructor on hand as they will begin to teach you what is required. If you’re looking to abseiling as a job you can check out some of IRATA’s courses here and get qualified. This is generally one of the steps needed to become a fully qualified rope access technician.



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